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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Not Read an Indie Author?

Why Not Read an Indie Author?

Independent Authors are usually lumped into two general categories. First, "It's not any good because it's cheaper than the big name authors." Second, "It's not any good because it's not a big name author." Regarding this second point, I have to ask if books by the name authors can be so great when they can churn out half a dozen or more a year? I can recall one book where the author of over fifty books spent a whole paragraph describing an azalea bush. And, of course, there's the whole middle of the last Harry Potter novel where Harry and JKR were both struggling.

Some readers avoid Indie Authors like they do the dentist. However, I've never minded going to the dentist and I have recently found myself reading books written by Indie Authors. In fact, in the last three months, I have read no big name authors, only Indies.

The reason I mentioned dentists is that yesterday my husband and I visited our local dentist. (My husband minded, I didn't.) Both of our hygienists wanted nothing to do with free or cheap books. Somehow, they thought that if they read big name authors from well-known publishers, they would get their money's worth. Their money's worth being $8 to $12 for an eBook. I, for one, think this is an outrageous number. Why pay this outrageous amount when some Indie Authors produce better books for much less, maybe free? The reason is simple: laziness. Most people don't want to take a few minutes to read the first chapter before buying. That is the secret. Don't go with the crowd, find something you like. Then, when you find something good, let the crowd follow you!

The big problem with Indie Authors is that there are some bad ones out there. Thousands. Maybe hundreds of thousands. With KDP Select, many Indies are giving away their books for free. And Amazon makes it easy for writers to get their work to the public. However, too many authors have not taken the time to edit, read, re-read and re-read their works again before publishing. The spell checker does not catch all mistakes. Some books are full of grammatical errors, words missing and so many misspellings that I, as an avid reader, find it difficult to keep going. I try to avoid anything that is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I realize that some mistakes will eventually make it into the final edition, only natural. Other books do not grab my attention by the first chapter or two. If this happens, I immediately look for another book. I always use the peek inside option. I strongly recommend it, even for well-known authors.

For the past several months, I have read nothing but books by Indie Authors from Amazon and I have reviewed all of them. I seldom give one star ratings. Anyone who is going to finish writing a book deserves better. Usually. I also do not give five stars. I have read only a few books that deserve that classification, possibly because I believe everything can be improved.

Of the books I have read by Indie Authors, my ratings percentages are as follows:

            1 Star               13%
            2 Stars             26%
            3 Stars             26%
            4 Stars             35%

If any mystery writers would like me to read your book, please leave a comment. I will read the peek inside sample and will pick at least ten to read. I will mention any of my three or four star ratings on my blog.

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