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I received teaching and engineering degrees and have traveled extensively, living ten years outside the US. I moved from the big city of Houston to a small sleepy community in North Carolina, which has been a tremendous change and a great inspiration for my novels, full of the local color. My time has been filled with writing and helping to physically construct three additions to our former farmhouse. I have a great view of the mountains ten miles away across the broad valley and the sunsets are breathtaking. I am an avid reader of all kinds of mystery and contemporary fiction.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring and Flowers

My mystery book Murder by the Clock is being edited at the moment, so I have free time to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. I'm not much with flower names, but the above are running rampant in my yard. It just seems a shame to mow them down. The lady who owned the property before planted five forsythia bushes like the ones below. The only problem is they are a bear to keep pruned. They seem to branch out everywhere.

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