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Friday, February 22, 2013

Skyfall - Diappointed

Skyfall - Disappointed

It took me several months to decide to watch the latest in the James Bond movies, "Skyfall." All I can say is I'm glad I didn't spend $30 to see it when it was at the theater.

At times, I almost fell asleep. It seemed to drag on. However, it did have some action, but not like the old James Bond movies with Sean Connery or even Roger Moore. I can understand why it grossed so much. At the time, not much of a selection for movies existed.

The new James Bond, Daniel Craig, does not have the good looks, suave sophistication or soft voice of Sean Connery. Too many rough edges with the new Daniel Craig. I used to think that Roger Lazenby was the Bond I disliked the most, but with Daniel Craig, I feel that Lazenby has moved up the list to number four after Pierce Brosnan. With several pictures behind Craig, he already looks a little weathered and aged as old as Roger Moore's tenure as 007.

Will I every watch another James Bond movie? Maybe. I just wish they would find a clone of Sean Connery or at least a better actor to play Bond.

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