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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving and a Good Bottle of Montrachet

Thanksgiving and a Good Bottle of Montrachet

It's Thanksgiving. Time for saying thanks for all the good things we have and being thankful for all the bad things we don't. I can't say I've been lucky in my life, either with good luck or with bad. Maybe that is being lucky. In my mind, no bad luck is better than a lot of good luck.

So, for Thanksgiving, we had a turkey which I cooked and which was great. Juicy and tasty. A wonderful combination. I used a box made of aluminum foil to surround the turkey on the roasting pan. It keeps the steam in and makes the turkey moist. Also, I have a deep pan with handles. That makes it easier to get the turkey in and out of the oven.

Add green beans, seasoned with basil, sweet potatoes, stuffing made with homegrown chestnuts, cranberry sauce and crusty rolls and you have an almost perfect dinner. What's missing? A great wine.

A wine like a Montrachet Grand Cru, 2002 by Henri Boillot. I'm not sure I was in Henri's vineyard when I was last in France, but I was, not only in a Boillot vineyard, but I tasted wine directly from the barrel. Good stuff. This wine had an aroma of pears and apples, and unlike red wines, this white wine actually had a taste like its aroma: pears and apples. It was a little tart, but not tannic. A dinner wine needs a little tartness to cut through the dinner flavors. This one worked well with turkey and all the fixin's.

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